What We Are Reading Wednesdays



I can’t say enough about how awesome this book is. Its so simple but that is what makes it magic. This book shows the creativity and imagination present in young children. The box in the story is NOT A BOX and I guarantee your child will be exclaiming that right along with the narrator.


This is another random thing that I love about this book – it has page numbers. My son is a number kid and children’s books typically don’t include page numbers. This one does and he is fascinated by them. Absolutely loves counting up and down the pages. Like I said its the simple things in this book that make it a winner.


The author also has a book called “Not a Stick” – we don’t have it yet. Have you read it? Would you recommend it? Thanks for reading




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What We Are Reading Wednesday


In honour of the Pyjama Party event coming up on Saturday (see details here) this week we are reading Llama Llama Red Pyjama. These rhyming books are so much fun! Kids and mamas alike will relate to the struggle that bedtime can be. Llama and mama eventually find that sweet spot where sleep comes and everyone gets ready for the day ahead.

You can also check out the Llama Llama show on Netflix. It is really important to help children to foster the ability to make connections and while screen time can definitely be a problem when over used (I am guilty of this so no judgement here!) it can also be helpful in working towards building these connections. For example in this case I might read the book, then watch the show and have a discussion with my kids around “How were the stories the same? How were they different? How do you think Llama felt when that part happened?” Leading questions like this can spark a conversation that enables your child to put themselves in the story.

Hope to see you all Saturday at the Open House!

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What We Are Reading Wednesday



In honour of Valentines Day, today on What We Are Reading Wednesday I have chosen our one and only Valentines book.

I’m not certain as to why but I don’t tend to collect holiday centred books. It feels disingenuous to be reading a Halloween book in spring for me and I would rather spend my hard earned dollars on year round books.

But then on holidays I wish I had theme specific books…. Obviously this is quite a self created predicament.

In any case our one Valentines book is a good one. Mouse is making Valentines for his friends and each one showcases what he loves about that particular friend. Its a cute and quick story that really embraces the ideals of modern day Valentines.

The illustrations are colourful and fun and I guarantee your children will like searching for a missing character on one page and then giggle at the next.

If you want to read a copy of my new book “Climbing Mountains at Bedtime” it is available for sale. Comment and I’ll get you a copy 🙂

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When Your To Do List Gets Away From You


This meme so accurately explains how I feel about my life. Except with writing books…

I am finally launching “Climbing Mountains at Bedtime.” So very excited to finally receive these books in the mail this week that I may or may not have slept with them beside my bed just to ensure their safety. (When I told my son they were in waiting for pick up he got very agitated and told me we should go get them “right now before someone finds them and wrecks them again mommy!”)

Check out the official launch event on Facebook

While all that drama was happening with getting books in, I found an illustration for my next book and she completed all the sketches for it. So within a few weeks my third book will be complete and ready to send to printers. And I just know you will love love love this one as well! I plan on releasing the name soon (maybe with a special contest – stay tuned!)

And as if that wasn’t enough on my plate, inspiration hit me and I wrote another book. And you guys I am so so excited for this one. I feel like its my best writing to date. Its a polar opposite to anything I have written before. So its exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.

So there is tons to look forward to in the next little while. And I can’t wait to continue my journey with you. Thanks for following!

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PJ Party Book Launch Open House



So excited to officially announce our awesome collaboration! Please join us as we launch “Climbing Mountains at Bedtime.”

When? – Saturday February 24th, 2018 from 10am-1pm

Where? – Allison Andria’s Photography studio

What? –  A time to read, snack and play. Capture the moment through professional photos with a book reading every half hour.

How much? – $35 includes one digital photo and one copy of the book (additional photos available for $10 each)

Really excited to see you there!


Photo credits to Allison Andria Photography

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Good News All Around

My books are finally on their way! Can’t wait to hold these in my hands. I may build a bed out of them I’m so excited! But seriously I can finally share these with everyone now! YAY!

And that means events coming up soon. I don’t want to give away the surprise but the first one is going to be AMAZING! Keep checking back to hear more about this exciting new venture.

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My Big Mistake

So this is my sad sob story. My tale of woe. My issue with technology and customer service. Read on for the story of my lost books.

I placed an order for copies of my new book Climbing Mountains at Bedtime in November. When placing this order I had three shipping options at three price points. I assumed the mid range shipping level was the mid range price point and so expected my books to be in in a week.

I assumed wrong.

The lowest service shipping was actually the mid grade price point. And so I unintentionally ordered $775 worth of books uninsured and not trackable.

Cue tears.

But it gets worse. Much much worse.

My package should have still come. But this form for customs was also not what it appeared to be and I unintentionally filled in the total price for all my books where I should have put the cost of one book.

So customs got a box of 100 books that said it was worth $100000. I imagine some eye brows were raised.

Customs says they will likely ship the box back to the printers. (Can’t track it though…..) Printers says the books will likely be abandoned and destroyed.

So I’m out a ton of money on these books.

And dealing with some questionable customer service around it.

It’s immensely frustrating. But I am ever grateful for my wonderful followers patience with me. I am hopeful I will have books soon!

Tell me about your shipping horror story and offer any advice you want below!!

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